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“Promessas: cartas para sempre” (Promises: letters for ever) is an academic project based on the documentary “Promises”, produced in 1997 and launched in 2001 by BZ Goldberg – an israeli immigrant living in the USA that goes back to Jerusalem to understand the israel-palestine conflict by israeli and palestinian children’s point of view.

With the purpose to inform and develop a dialogue between real characters and young brazilian readers, the product is composed of 6 letters wrapped in a card box package ready to be mailed, each one telling a children’s story in first-person. All the letters have the same size and shape of a booklet apparently, however each unfolds in different ways and subtly connects with each other, reinforcing the idea of different stories, but equally important arguments at the same time. As a complementary material to give context to the stories, the package is printed front and back with facts and a timeline of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The letters’ verbal content was completely transcripted and translated from the original dialogues. As for the project’s visual identity and each letter's own personalizations, they were based on the documentary’s film photography, certain scenes’ environment and specific frames’ extracted color palettes, related to climatic characteristics of the Middle East. Also, the project’s identity system has a collection of stamps created as supporting graphic elements that reinforces the product’s mailing characteristic and also provides additional navigation information through the booklets.

“Promessas: cartas para sempre” gives voice to the stories of seven Israeli and Palestinian children who were born and raised in a war zone. Read their letters and understand how every religion creates invisible, yet gigantic barriers. Create a dialogue, listen to their arguments and see how these boys and girls have become active protagonists of this ongoing conflict.

team   Julia Aguiar + Vitor Lifsitch

prof    Nathalia Cavalcante + João Vitor

DSG1006 – Academic Project – 2015/PUC-Rio

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O episódio do encontro entre as crianças foi retratado por meio da união das últimas páginas dos fascículos dos personagens:

Yarko e Daniel, Sanabel e Faraj. O objetivo final é fazer uma alusão a principal mensagem do documentário e ao propósito desse projeto: o diálogo.