cadu bocai ––

This posters serie and advertising material were developed as part of the campaign for hiring a new design intern to Empresa Júnior PUC-Rio. The goal was to develop graphic pieces which visually show the importance of the design process in a design project. Because of that, we chose to make visible some symbols of the process, such as trim and registration marks and guides.

Also to show the design process, we chose to print the posters in silk screen, exploring different papers, inks and finishes, what brought some unexpectable results. Looking to avoid the waste of this material, we developed post cards with random pieces of the posters. To distribute them, we made a stamp with all the important information about the hiring campaign and put it in the back of the post cards.

team – Julia Aguiar, João Roma, João Ferro, Hannah Valoura, e Eduardo Massá

Empresa Júnior PUC-Rio / 2014

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