O Banquete • Platão

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This is an academic project developed at PUC-Rio in 2016 along with Carlos Bocai and oriented mainly by prof. Evelyn Grumach.

"O Banquete" or Plato's Symposium is a philosophical classic about the genesis, purpose and nature of love. It's complex narrative structure with layered characters' voices and different time periods, created an opportunity for developing a new edition of what was considered one of Plato's best work as a dramatic dialogue form book.

Using the dialogue as a tool to expound various theories, Plato connects with the reader as he makes us feel part of the symposium in which occurred the seven speeches praising Eros, the god of love. Each participant, famous philosophers and personalities of the time, by means of very personal contributions, adds something towards an exposition of their own understanding of the subject. Although, after each address, a discussion is always erupted by Socrates in order to instigate the speaker (and us readers) to reach an even brighter and more profound deduction, therefore, getting us closer to a possible conclusion.

This beautifully produced new edition aims to enhance the reader’s reading experience by creating a series of navigation mechanisms and carefully designed page structures for a much sophisticated content, in order to support a contemplative moment after each speech and instigate the reader to assemble his own thoughts.

time - Julia Aguiar  /  orientação – Evelyn Grumach

PUC-Rio 2016.1 - DSG1031 - Projeto IV - Suzana Valadares, Evelyn Grumach, Prscila Andrade e Miguel Carvalho

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