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ARO is a brazilian swimwear company with a strong brand manifesto. It wants to showcase the fierceness and diversity of real women with real bodies while using high quality textiles and exclusive cuts and patterns, all within slow fashion industry that brings a sense of uniqueness and identity to the product.

For its first international fashion show in Ukraine we developed a catalogue self-entitled “Supernova Collection”, in which is included most of their production so far in six sub-collections. However, a special focus was given to their partnership with the ukrainian artist Alina Zamanova, whose work is based around the boundaries between ugliness and beauty stereotypes and illustrated one of their sub-collections.

In order to reinforce the brand’s boldness and disruptive personality, we developed a visual identity for the catalogue with the main concepts of contrast and counterform. Every spread is unique and has it’s own photography behaviour, but together they bring an elegant beauty to a irreverent whole.

*All photo shootings were made through the client’s collaboration with different photographers and models. For further information, all people responsible were appropriately credited in the catalogue.

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team Julia Aguiar

client Isadora Ferrari e Dani Cavalher  /  2016